A little more about me 👋
Hi, just in case you already forgot my name I’m Jay, a UI/UX designer who loves coffee, travelling, plants and all things design related. 
My main purpose when designing is to make the users life as simple as possible. All I want them to do is get whatever task they had in mind done in just a few clicks, swipes and taps and feel happy about it!
I’ve been known to be an empathetic person, this helps me understand people's frustrations and create ways of solving the issue. As a graphic designer I was always interested in user- centered design. I found UI/UX to be a perfect fit as it combined my background in research with my passion for visual design.
I hope you enjoyed looking through my work, it’s very likely I was doing some plant care as you were reading this 😅.
Thank you so much for your interest in my work, feel free to get in touch!
Keep my resume on file, you never know when you might need me 😉 
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